Make a reindeer for christmas

Making a Log Reindeer for Christmas

Making a Log Reindeer for Christmas

Make a reindeer for christmas
Home produced Log Reindeer and a lot cheaper than the shops!


Making a log Reindeer for Christmas is not an original idea.  I have spotted them about when buying our Christmas tree (which seems to get earlier and earlier!) with a whole heard of them for sale around the £20 to £30 mark. So how come I built one?

I am too tight to spend that much for a couple of logs! Secondly, my brother Steve made one 2 or 3 years ago. You can read his story on his website. When SWMBO (she who must be obeyed, i.e the wife) saw Steve’s reindeer she asked him to make her one, to which he politely told her NO!!!!

Although I cannot criticise him too much since I had a little influence on Steve starting wood turning a few years ago. It saw Steve putting his hand in his pocket for a new lathe, tools and his own man shed. Quite a pretty penny, and I enjoyed every minute of seeing him spend it!

It wasn’t too long before for some great work came out of his workshop. Things he should be justifiably proud of, so when no reindeer appeared for SWMBO I knew I had to make one for Sandy. It just took me a year to get around to it. That and a few logs needed to be sourced. This is the Storey of “Stumpy” the Reindeer and his birth.

The Making of “Stumpy”, the Log Reindeer.

You don’t need any plans for this fun project. All thats required is a large log for its body, something a little smaller for its head and 5 other lengths of thinner logs. Four for the legs and the other one cut into two parts. One for the tail and the second for the neck. Oh…I almost forgot, some smaller branches or twigs to make the antlers. Stumpy has a great pair of antlers, even if I say so myself.

If you look at his other brother and sisters on the net, you will see exactly why he is called Stumpy.  My logs did not allow for a more elegant and refined reindeer.  Something Stumpy and I share, stumpy legs! The ends of his legs were turned on the lathe but to be honest it would have been a little nicer if they were just trimmed down to size with an axe or large knife.  The same with the neck and tail, but since I started I carried on with the 1″ diameter ends turned to size.

Onto the body

The main body then had to have 4 holes drilled for the legs. A little thought should be given to their position and distance apart. and then the 4 legs hammed home. Like all newborn reindeer he may have a wobble but this can be sorted by trimming/sanding any offending legs(not recommended though for real reindeer).

Once upright the two holes for the tale and the neck can now be drilled but remember that they are sloping. The head can be made with just a simple 2 cut affair or like ‘Stumpy” have his shaped a little before painting on the red nose.  A couple of eyes can then be drawn on or you can buy some to stick on. Then all his parts can be assembled to produce your own Christmas Reindeer.


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2 thoughts on “Making a Log Reindeer for Christmas

  1. Welcome Stumpy!
    I am glad to see you have taken the plunge and built Sandy her log Reindeer,
    I felt mean refusing her but now I can relax. All he needs now are a couple of dozen baubles and he will be complete.

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