Hand turned fountain pen for sale

Hand made pens for sale

All twist action pens can be supplied either in black or blue ink..

Postage to Europe and the rest of the World can be arranged, just select the correct postage rate in the Paypal box

mikes-models.com gun metal finish wood pen for sale mikes-models.com large fountain pen for sale pen for sale
This is a special Olive wood twist action pen that is turned by hand and made in my Devon workshop.

It comes with a special certificate of authenticity to prove the body comes from Olive trees, Jerusalem

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A lovely twist action pen that the body is turned Ash wood.

The metal parts are a striking gun metal finish that compliments the lovely white wood body.


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For the discerning pen lover of large bodied pens. This striking example has a Deep water blue with contrasting yellow streaks.

It is fitted with a refillable insert.



mikes-models.com ash wood pen for sale mikes-models.com ash wood pen for sale

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This is another view of the same fountain pen so please refer to the box above to buy.

If you require more photo’s please email me.



Hand made pens for sale either with a wood, acrylic or metal (Aluminium, Brass or Stainless steel)body.  My pens are made individually, with care and attention.  I sell the pens and around this time of year I get a few orders for Christmas.  I do not promote their sale as I do it only for the joy of turning on my wood lathe.

Hand made pens for sale
Turned wood pens that I sell when requested.

There is only so many pens that you can make for your family.  The costs soon mount up as well. I won’t make bulk orders as I have been asked before as its a pleasure and not a business.  If you do decide to purchase some pens then I shall be pleased to make them and you will get 100% customer satisfaction because if you don’t then send them back and get a full refund. In the time I have been making pens not one has ever returned. I intend to keep it that way.

Youtube video

I have several videos on my Youtube channel covering all sorts of interests.  The latest one shows my wood lathe and how I produce the bodies of the pens I make. Have a look and see what you think…..especially the cuffs of my overalls……


I have added the facility of engraving the wooden presentation boxes I stock. At the present time the pens are not themselves engraved.  For lovers of Olive wood there is, subject to stock levels, the possibility 0f having your pen made from Olive tree wood direct from Jerusalem. Each one of these lovely pens comes with a certificate stating its origins. A very tactile wood that I love to turn, a real pleasure.

Acrylic Pens are very colourful and always produce an excellent shine that many will envy. Examples of previous pens are shown in the gallery and whilst no pen is ever the same! you can judge the style from the picture gallery.  Metal pens offer the chance to be very very different from other writers. There is significantly more work and costs involved hence the price difference, but they really have the wow factor.

Types of Pens and/or Pencils available.

Wood, Acrylic or Metal pens come in all the expected types. Whether you wish to have a biro type pen it can be either a twist or click method of operation. Fountain pens (my personal favourite writing instrument) can be slim, ‘normal’ or chunky.  The larger fountain pens I group under the title of ‘ Chairman’ pens. The certainly help to make a statement and you never know, you may even write a letter, instead of an email!  I have had letters of appreciation sent by the post and written with the instrument that was bought.  That brightens my day I must say.

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