YouTube Videos produced by myself covering many diverse subjects

YouTube videos produced by myself covering many diverse subjects.

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YouTube Videos produced by myself covering many diverse subjects are shown here. There are 70 videos at the moment I will be adding more regularly. To view full size just click on the video and then click on the bottom right hand side box to bring it full screen. They are also listed in date order whereby the newest are listed first.

As some of the videos are 7 or so years old some make reference to websites that no longer exist, such as quality-pens and 3d printer kit etc. The only website now in use is this one  Thank you for your forbearance.

1. Metal work  related videos
 Equipment    Reviews
Woodwork  related

Please ignore any reference to other websites as is the only one now in use.

Please note: Price has been reduced and also the website referred to in the video no longer exists.

more from my YouTube channel  will be added soon

The videos  above are grouped into the following section

1 Metal work related

The metal work related videos cover such subjects as building a couple of ‘wobbler’ engines and the building of a pair of Edgar T Westbury’s Seal engines.  Casting kits are available from Hemmingways kits. Any other project that deals with model engineering using a lathe and milling machine is covered here as well.

2. Equipment reviews

Equipment reviews on the other hand cover tools I have purchased that I believe are worthy of sharing with my readers.  For example I considered whether to purchase a proper press or no? In the end I wish I had bought it so much sooner. So many procedures are made easier with a press. Prior to having a press of my own I would spend a lot of time seeking other ways the achieve my ends. I also changed the tolerances I turn to knowing I can perform a press fit.

3  Woodwork related

Woodwork related subjects used to be covered on different websites which no longer exist. Making wooden toys for my grandchildren being the main one.  However making patterns for castings is also an area of growth for the future.

4.  3D printing experience

3D printing came to me some 4 years ago.  I could not afford any of the kits that were about at that time. Whilst its only 4 years thats a tremendous time it the world of 3D printing.  My introduction came by means of a new to market kit called Sumpod and it was designed and produced by Richard Sum.  At the time it was less than half the price of anything else available. I spent many hours trying to get the printer to work and achieved that after learning a lot about stepper motors, electronics, the Arduino, and software.

To say Richard had problems is an understatement. A common problem of excellent design but just a one man show.  Orders were late and many customer service problems occurred. However, I have to say I am pleased with the printer. It works and it introduced me to CNC and routing. Several videos about the build and software issues were produced on YouTube.

5.  CNC related

Following on from  my work with the 3D printer and my part conversion of a ‘X” axis feed on my RF25 round column mill I decided to convert the milling machine to full CNC.  I also recently purchased a CNC router for wood and smaller items.  These videos cover the conversion and the new CNC Router.

6.  Ride in van project

The ride in van or Postman Pat van project is something that has been with me now for 3 years or so.  I wanted to build a ride in van based on the Postman Pat van. The specification was at best ‘fluid’ and worst, a runaway train!  I should have just built a simple van. Instead I have full suspension, lots of electronics, aluminium chassis, drop arms for the rear suspension and much much more.

I decided on aluminium for both corrosion resistance and forcing me to learn new skills i.e. TIG welding. Approaching a project with the intention of adding to my skill set has always been to the forefront of my mind. Boy hay I learn’t a lot!!  I have had breaks from it whereby other projects have poked the noses in. Dolls house, pull along train sets, extending ladders for a grandson and much more.  The van though is nearly complete. It requires the rear body to be fabricated, covered in aluminium then sprayed.

I desperately wish to finish so I can get back to my other projects. Fingers crossed.

7.  Finishes (i.e painting/powder coating/spraying)

As part of all the interest I pursue the painting of whatever I have made is always there. I dislike painting but push through it. Airbrushing has its place. Foam brushes with varnish another so when the opportunity to look at powder coating arrived I jumped in and purchased a kit to allow powder coating to be another type of finish.  It is more than viable as a procedure in the model engineers workshop. The videos cover the basics and others will be added over time.

8.  Miscellaneous

Really a group of videos where I didn’t know where to put them. Everyone should have a miscellaneous section. SO this is mine! It includes me falling over, speeded up assembly of Ikea Trofast storage units and the use of a USB microscope to help centre a drill and work I have done for many visitors to my websites.

As I have said before I lost most of 9 or 10 years of around 5 or 6 websites due to poor hosting services. Now I am with a good UK hosting company I have decided to run just one website. That means a mixing of the disciplines I am involved with. So please bear with me as I try my best to both add new content and also the older information.

I have many images and video its the written content that goes with it that has suffered the most.






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