Mills 1.3cc diesel engine completed.

Mills 1.3 cc Diesel Engine

Mills 1.3 cc Diesel Engine was a famous early engine for model aircraft.  Not many engines were commercially available at that time so some intrepid fliers made their own engines!

The inspiration for making my own diesel engine was an article by Ron Chernich from Australia. he produdced plans for the first edition of the Model Engine Builder magazine published in America.  I decided to give it a go and below are the pictures of the build. I enjoyed it immensely and whilst suitable for ‘novice’ engineers, it still provided enough challenges.



I did contact Ron during the build for a couple of clarifications and he was very helpful.  Ron was the author and keeper of a tremendous website at that time .If you are at all interested in internal combustion engines pay his site a visit. Whilst it isn’t as active, research is still comprehensive.

Support for the Mills building

If you have any questions relating to my build please feel free to email me at any time. Also have a look at this Mills site.

Thanks for visiting.  Mike


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