Ice Cream Cone Holder

Ice Cream Cone Holder

Ice cream cone holder was made in response to fatigue. One project I had on the go was not going so well. So I thought I would seek refuge in the new wood workshop and make nice ice cream cone holder. I had a block of Lime wood and some scrap mahogany. They may make a nice contrast of light and dark colours.

Being too tired for fancy dovetails and the like I decided to just prepare the wood for when I could come back to it. I am learning that the best way to make use of my newly acquired woodworking machinery is to prepare all the wood first.

I used the table saw to bring all the wood roughly to size. Then the wood was treated to a spell on the Charnwood W588 planer/thicknesser. I was really pleased with the results. Now both lime and mahogany was to the same thickness. Next job would have been to cut them to size. Finally making the cone holder.

Trouble Brewing.

Just then SWMBO (Sandy) arrived, checking up on me. I showed her with some pride how the stock was all to the same thickness. Making a holder for my daily afternoon ice cream. (I usually collapse into a reclining chair in the afternoons and have my ice cream. Reading with my Kindle to relax and recuperate. As you get older these simple routine pleasures become so much more .

I must have looked tired because she said “why don’t you just get a block of wood and drill a hole in it!” Philistine! She then disappeared back to the bungalow. Suitably deflated I looked at the wood, calculated how much longer I could stay out, and decided that I would show her!

I got a piece of wood from the scrap box. Drilled a suitable hole, and run the edges through the router. Total time for the build? Under 120 seconds! It may not be pretty.In fact its not. It may not be oiled/painted or varnished but its in use!


Was Sandy right to push for simple? I want…… no,…. I still will, make a nicer one but the lime and mahogany have gone back into stock. The posh ice cream cone holder (a dual cone version, slips way way down in the list of what I have to do). Was she right? I do have a functional answer but isn’t it much more than that? Who knows.  The lesson is still there, somewhere in my head……so what do you think? Function or finesse? I say…………both! ………..sometime……………soon?


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