Tool Reviews

Welcome to my Tool Review Guide on Mikes Models.

Below you will find an ever growing list of tools I have purchased and reviewed together with my thoughts and recommendations.

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ImageToolReview SummaryLink To Full Review
Clamping Square
High density 150mm x 150mm clamping squares
Clamping SquaresHigh density clamping squares prove valuable to a number of projectsClamping Squares
Shadowfoam keeps scalpels safe
Shadowfoam ikeeps scalpels safe.
Shadowfoam keeps their own scalpels safe and easy to finedAm converting all my tools over to storage using Shadowfoam. Easy to find tools saves a lot of time hunting toolsShadowfoam and home made boxes finally help to organise me?
Really useful planes
The Three 3" planes stored in home produced box
Miniature planes are no joke!All the planes need is to have the tool steel sharpened before use.3″ Miniature Brass and Hardwood plane set
Hemingway tube bender kit nears completion after powder coating.
Tube bender kit is proving its worthA Hemingway kit proves itself useful in bending small bore copper pipeHemingway Tube Bender Kit
Measuring head inline boring bar setHome made and designed for inline boringWhilst not used everyday the accuracy achieved by the inline boring tool is excellentInline boring tool made to bore Seal 15cc model engines.
Trimmer/Router? Whatever you call it its a tool that should be in anyone's toolchest My much used hand held router is used in most of my woodwork projects .A Guinea Pig House