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Building an Edgar T Westbury designed 15cc, 4 cylinder petrol Seal engine is quite a challenge. So I thought “why not just build 2?” Its not arrogance that led me to build 2 though. I happened to put out on various forums that I was looking for a set of castings and any other parts for the Seal. Two replies came back and that started me thinking that making two sets of parts was not going to be exactly twice the work.

Model engineering requires quite a bit of setting up. Or making special fixtures just do the machining required. So once a set up is ready it is only a case of making more components.

15 cc Seal 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine

The ‘Seal’ in model engineering circles, is one of many models created by the respected model engineer Edgar T Westbury. Sadly he is no longer with us but his place in British and other country’s model engineering history is grounded in the many models he designed and built.

Edgar was a prolific contributor to the UK’s Model Engineer magazine. Articles exist in the archives, and one such article covers a 30cc version aptly named the Sealion.  However, mine are the smaller version.

Interestedly the Seal was the focus of a joint worldwide build. You can read about it on the Craftsmanship museum  . When considering all the different parts, coming from different contributors across the world, its a wonder to me how it ever ran!

When building by yourself a dimension can be ‘adjusted’ to fit another part with no consequences whatsoever. That option did not exist for the team involved so well done indeed to those involved.

My Progress To date

Here is  a visual record of the progress made in building a pair of Edgar T Westbury’s Seal engines PGC. What is PGC I hear you ask? Well its Pre Grand-Children………  Thats my excuse. I still intend to complete the engines but as a project they have slipped down the line. I would hope though that subject to health they would be started again in a couple of years.  The next task is to make the two Crankshafts.

The approach to the initial build was to tackle some of the harder tasks. That way the project would not stall so easily. It may have been the right approach build wise but unexpected pleasures arrived suddenly. Within 4 years we went from no grandchildren to 4! They bring so much pleasure its untrue.

The original text is lost but the pictures do tell their own story.  If you have any questions as to how one particular part was done then I am happy to give detail. Email me and I will add the text here for others visitors

It was, and still is my intention to build a Fairey Huntsman boat and instal the pair in the boat.  I made the two camshafts so the engines will run in contra rotation. It will be interesting to see how that works out in practice.

If you are interested in building this engine then Hemingway’s  kits UK can supply the parts you want. There are other builders about and if your interested have a look at Duncan Munro’s site

To see another working Seal have a look at the YouTube video below.

My progress in pictures


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