Clamping squares Review.  Initially I wondered why there were ten in a pack?  After all there are only 4 corners! So any number of clamp squares supplied should surely  be divisible by 4!

Clamping squares Review

However when using for the first time it became clear that 10 was exactly the right number!  The 8 can be used in both top and bottom corners,  whilst the other two can be stoop upright. Making sure the sides of any construction are truly square.

  1. Clamping Square Quality

I find the 90 degree angle to be extremely accurate and all are matching.  They are made from high impact polycarbonate.   Which is why they have impressive strength needed for use in clamping. They should therefore maintain their accuracy even with constant use.

With my clamps they are wide enough for a good purchase and I can see myself using for many projects.

Clamping squares in use.

My first project involved all ten clamping squares was to build a small ‘house’ for 2 of my grandchildren as a house for them to get some peace!

They can be used both for internal and external angles.  If, as on the Guinea Pig house, they overlap because the box is less than 300 mm internally then its easy enough to have a mixture of both internal and external positions.

Another useful design feature was the small clearance the outside and inside on the clamps allowed when gluing up.  They kept clear of any surplus glue on assembly.

Value for money

Costing just £2.49p each (08/02/2021) then they have been one of my best buys for several years.

My Star Rating (out of 5)

I can with great confidence give the clamping squares 5 stars out of 5.

I bought mine (21st Jan 2021) for £24.99 from Rutland Tools (UK). However they are also available from Amazon in different combinations and sizes.  Please remember if you do buy them from Amazon I will receive a small commission.

Picture Gallery when in use.

 Clamping squares Review

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