Home made boxes with Shadowfoam inside to store tooling.

Shadowfoam and home made boxes finally help to organise me?

Shadowfoam and home made boxes finally help to organise me? That’s the question.

Shadowfoam and home made boxes 

Feeling a bit like a politician the answer is both yes……and no!

During the first lockdown I found  Shadowfoam via YouTube whilst ‘surfing’ the channel.  There are other suppliers of these types of foams but what sold me on Shadowfoam were the tutorials and help videos of theirs.

So a selection of Shadowfoam, and scalpels (they are used now for many other jobs in the workshops) was placed.

I should declare here that I have no relationship to Shadowfoam other than being a satisfied customer. If you want to buy the foam in the UK you can visit  Amazon and I will get a very small commission.  It helps to offset the costs of the website and doesn’t cost you anything.

Making a start organising tool storage.

It became obvious that whilst my first cuts could have been better, there were sufficient signs that a reasonable job could be achieved. Surprisingly a concern that any tooling would still fit back in the original drawer that stored them before did not materialise. I’m not talking about a ‘full to the brim’ drawer but ‘normal’ tool storage.

Tooling being laid out onto the foam before cutting does make it clear what can or cannot be stored.  Several times additional tools could be accommodated.  Watching their tutorials certainly helped in gaining good results.

Benefits of Better storage.

Benefits of neater storage includes such things as its easier to see what is missing.  Secondly the time saved hunting for that illusive tool certainly applies to me!  It also forces you to think about what goes where and  and in what groups.  Of course it doesn’t just apply to cabinet drawers but also whatever box you decide to make for perhaps a single tool.

Here are some of the examples of the uses Iv’e put Shadowfoam to.

My tooling cabinets in the metal workshop are on the list for next ‘sorting’.

Any questions or comments are welcome.

And finally, with Covid well and truly on our minds I see that their Managing Director has composed a song! Enjoy..

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Shadowfoam and home made boxes finally help to organise me?

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