Red Special Replica of Brian May’s famous Guitar.

Red Special Replica
Completed build of the replica Red Special as played by Brian May Queen

Red Special Replica of Brian May’s famous Guitar

Red Special Replica of Brian May’s famous Guitar is now in the talented hands of my youngest brother David.  On this page I will be putting some of his playing which I believe shows just how ‘special’ Brian May and his Dads design was.  When you also consider the the fact that Brian’s guitar has been in constant use and travelled all over the world.

It came complete with woodworm holes filled with matchsticks, The old mantlepiece used as the neck and their own wired pickups were also ground breaking!  I couldn’t find a mantlepiece full of woodworm nor did I wire up his design of pickups!  I had the benefits of all Brian and his dads work. The purchase of 3 Burns pickups bearing Brians name was as near as I got!

Interpretation of Brian and his Dads work

Interpretation of Brian and his dads work included following Brians build as much as I could. Making his tremolo design; using Ruston’s Red stain, their two pack varnish, ( if you do buy through this or any Amazon link I will receive a small commission – It doesn’t cost you any extra and it helps run this website) wiring the 3 pickups including brass pillar posts, using mahogany veneer, and the fret positions were used to name but a few.

Anyway, if you want to see more of the actual build of David’s guitar it is covered elsewhere in picture form.   What I want to do here is share some of the musical abilities of the replica red special and David! I asked him if he would make his own composition suitable to be used as a background track for my YouTube video’s along with some extra tracks also destined to support the videos on my YouTube channel.

The hear them then please click on the relevant audio file below his picture.

David trialing his Red Special Guitar
David testing the changes made to his instructions

Davids own composition


David Freeman playing the Beatles ‘Norwegian Wood’


Playing his replica red Special and a ‘Queen’ track


David playing a U2 track ‘Still haven’t found what I’m looking for’



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