Double glazed replacement unit

Double Glazing for Wood Workshop

Double Glazing for Wood Workshop

Double Glazing for the Wood Workshop was something I had considered when designing the workshop. In addition to the benefit of increased insulation, preventing heat loss, there would be a reduction in noise from machinery. Useful to keep the neighbours happy. Surely the cost though would be prohibitive?

Any bought units may mean that the workshop itself would need to be altered. As a result of the considerable perceived obstacles I put the idea on the back burner.

When discussing the idea with my brother Steve, I thought  that rather than guessing I would search the internet for a supplier  to make the windows to my required size. I could then price them up before making a decision. Thats when I found one company, Pane-Less Glass, who seemed worth contacting to find out if it was viable to fit double glazed windows.

Pane-Less Glass

I was impressed to see that all their sealed units are manufactured to BS EN1279. They certainly seemed busy because they manufacture 2000 sealed units per week,  using Pilkington, SGG or Guardian glass. The units are  gas filled (with air or argon) and are guaranteed for 5 years.

It now depended on the price!! I filled in their online form giving the dimensions and number of windows and was pleased when their quote came back with each unit only costing £13.18p each.  So for just under £80 I could insulate the workshop and cut down on noise for the neighbours.! I didn’t hesitate and put the order in straight away for 6 non standard glazing windows.

When they arrived I was really impressed. They looked good quality and certainly had some weight! Overall I was very impressed with the company. Indeed I may us them for a couple of units for our bungalow.

Fitting the double glazed units

I suspected that removing the old glass would be problematic so held off for a few days before fitting.  The windows on the outside were at an awkward height so I thought it best to con my brother Steve to help me. One of the only advantages of having brothers above 6′ (the only one) :). However, the replacement turned out to be simple. Fortunately I made the right measurements and they supplied the windows exactly to size.

The existing glass is horticultural and held in place by a sealant at the bottom edge and sides held in place by simple wood batten.  Removing the glass was achieved by prising the battens from the sides and releasing the bottom edge sealant by means of a knife.

Then the glazing sealant was applied to the inside of the wood walls. Battens were then screwed all around the double glazed units.  For the first window I double gloved the hand I used to apply a bead of sealant around the window. However, made bit of a mess when smoothing it out. So for the second window I masked the window just off from the edge. A much better way of getting a cleaner outcome.

For the last 4 windows thats the method I will certainly use.  Overall, for just under £80 it should a big difference. I’ll let you know.

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