Three brothers work to clear site

My Dream Woodworking, CNC and Electronics Workshop build begins.

My Dream Woodworking, CNC and Electronics Workshop build begins

My Dream Woodworking, CNC and Electronics Workshop build begins.

Stop Press: Update 15h February 2017

I have not been idle since my last post. Quite the opposite really. Along with my Brother Stephen, we have insulated all the workshop and boarded it out with 5.5mm plywood. Next job is to insulate the ceiling and also board that as well. The floor has been reinforced by laying down 18mm OSB 8’x4′ sheets.

I have added some photos of the current progress we have achieved.

My Dream Woodworking, CNC and Electronics Workshop build begins.

The arrival of the new buildingĀ and I say building because its so …………big! Allows me to start fitting it out.

I am fortunate that I have a model engineering workshop thats established in one side of my double garage. It isĀ separated by a partition wall. While I love working with metal much more than wood I have madeĀ several toys, including kitchen and dolls houses as shown in my articleĀ Ā on design. However this has meant encroachment into the metal workshop. Electronics, a CNC router, and a baby belling oven in particular need to leave!

To that end I purchased from Timberlux a 20ft x 12ft building. Ā I specified a partition 6ft from one end and that area will be used solely for electronics.

If you want to know how I managed the design phase have a look at my design article.

The fitting out begins

The outside remains to be painted but we seem to have called the rain gods down on us for the last week.

Mini Metal Garage Consumer Unit 63A RCD & 6A, 16A + 32A MCB Amendment 3.

At the moment the supply comes from the garage workshop via a 13 amp plug. Ā A sort of long extension lead. However I have installed a mini metal garage consumer unit in the workshop. A ring main of sockets mounted on the walls will follow before gettingĀ the electricity supply connected by a qualified electrician to the mains.


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Assembling the Charnwood Dust Extractor.

Much more fun to follow to please come back to see progress.

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