Postman Pat’s Van

The electric powered van is at last (3rd year) into its final phase. All of the design has been done and tested so its final wiring and body building left. Thats not to underestimate the work but it has been a long slog as scaling the van from a small push toy then designing the whole van, has been much bigger than expected.  Why did I get it wrong? Well, I keep adding extra elements. It has a disc brake, forward and reverse gears, variable speed, suspension both back and front, electrical elements such as rear and front sensors, battery condition meter, charging point, indicators,headlights and other such goodies.

Electric powered ride in Van - outake
The designs for the van are all from scaled up dimensions taken from this toy.

But to get back to this post…….looking for content to add to this website I came across some video that made me laugh! So instead of hiding it away I thought it might add a little joy to others….time will tell.

Well thanks for looking! if you leave any comments….be kind! (I can delete them!)

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