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Model Centrifugal pump Kit


The Model Centrifugal pump Kit recently purchased from Cringle Engineering was too good to miss building. Especially since I spent most of my working life in the Fire Service(s)of:

  • West Midlands,
  • South Glamorgan,
  • Home Office Fire Experimental Unit
  • retiring from Bedfordshire and Luton fire and rescue service.

So finding such a kit fitted with a little bit of my past (but in a much smaller size)!

I am currently making workshop alterations. The intention is to make a CNC centre for the Sherline Mill and Lathe recently acquired.  It would be useful to test these changes using some ‘small’ projects.

So instead of waiting for the completion of the project(s) before writing the blog I thought it would be a nice change to update it as I go along.

The Model Centrifugal Pump Kit as delivered.

Inspecting each casting I was pleased with the aluminium ones in both quality and finish, the brass/bronze ones didn’t quite come up to the standard and the impeller in particular will require a lot of work. But that’s the fun part(?!!!).

The kit contains-
  • -3 alloy castings
  • 2 cast brass pipe flanges
  • 1 cast brass gland
  • cast brass impeller
  • cast brass pulley
  • 2 bearings
  • stainless steal shaft
  • stainless steel threaded rod
  • brass nuts
  • rubber o ring seal and
  • 6 pages of technical drawings
The finished size of the pump itself are H-82mm W-70mm L-90mm
Pully is 22mm, the pipe flanges are 28mm and fit to solder 12mm copper pipe.

A ‘Wobbler’ will drive it.

The wobbler will drive the pump, which in turn will be supplied by steam from a Mamod boiler.
I made a pair some years ago and recently reclaimed one to ‘give it a polish’.  When completed and mounted on a board the finished item will then be given to my Grandson Harrison.
Sorry for the quality but you can see a couple of video’s made 10 years ago (come September).

I believe it would be an excellent kit for someone just starting out. If you need any assistance or advice please feel free to contact me. I don’t know it all…..far from it but the clock had ticked around as it were.

On that point there is a lot of advice and documentation. You could do no better than buying

which is a foundation for aspiring model engineers of all ages.  I need to tell you that if you do buy the book by clicking the link above I would receive a very small commission, at no cost to you.

So come back and see the progress of this pump being built, and then used. Looking forward to doing the build, now where is that spanner?????

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