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Economy Hit ‘N’ Miss engine project

Economy Hit 'N' Miss engine
All the parts of the kit from Engineers Emporium

Economy Hit ‘N’ Miss engine project


Economy Hit ‘N’ Miss engine  project joins Mikes Models future projects.  If you follow my website you may ask why have I bought another set of castings if I’m starting on the Fowler traction engine at long last.  The answer is simple.  An offer too good to be true. The normal cost the Engineers Emporium Economy Hit N Miss engine was supplemented to include many ‘extras’.

To be honest  I have looked at hit n miss engines for the last 20 years or so. However  there have been a series of ‘other’ projects, including  building a motorised Postman Pat vanBrian May Red Special guitar, dolls houses, kitchens for tots, river tables, garden bench refurbishments, new outside woodworking workshop, and so many more, that I  just put it on the ‘back burner’.

It was the latest Model Engineer magazine that hosted a 2 page advert from The Engineers Emporium.

The advert for the Economy Hit N Miss engine included an offer (still open till January 2022) to include many “extra items ”  to the kit, that in my opinion, meant it was a good offer.  So much so that I couldn’t pass it up, even if I couldn’t start it for a while.

Pictures and future plans.

The pictures show the items that arrived and I immediately thought the quality was very good.  It certainly weighed enough!  The flywheels in particular caused a certain amount of apprehension. They looked very close to the maximum capacity of my lathe.

Fortunately they will fit and there is sufficient gap. Close though.

Building the Hit N Miss Economy motor.

Updates in due course.  At the moment the Tender of the Fowler is the priority but I can’t wait to get started on the ‘Economy”.  Check bay for an update, or even take advantage yourself of the current offer.


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