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AEG Cooker element replacement

AEG Cooker Main Element replacement

Example of the type of element available on Amazon. Be aware I may receive a very very small commission if you follow this Amazon link

AEG Cooker main element was very easy to replace.

The Sunday roast was a bit of a shock. My wife said that the Lamb looked very raw.  I opened the AEG cooker door and sure enough no heat came out, but a piece of uncooked lamb did! After checking the basics such as did a fuse blow or RCD tripped I thought that the heating element had blown.

A clue was that if it wasn’t the fuse or RCD, it hopefully didn’t leave much else.  Whether I was lucky to find the fault correctly or not it was the element.

The phone system they use drove me mad with constant speech saying how important my call was to them.

Modern automated call answering systems used by so many larger companies only tells me one thing.  The calls ARE NOT important to them.  They just want a cheap way to grind you down so you leave!

Rant over. Once I did get to speak to a human being she was extremely helpful. Identifying the part numbers. Checking if in stock,  then sending them out. Them I hear you say?  She told me there were in fact 3 elements to our model of cooker. One at the top, One main one by the fan and a third below the floor of the oven.

I knew the grill or top element was working, so asked if I could order both the back(main element) and base unit. At this time I asked whether I could return them if not used?  Again ever helpful, she stated that as long as the packaging was intact that was fine.

Now that was good service as far as I was concerned. Why oh why did they spoil it by using the *&^%^*( % phone system!

My Experience fitting the element.

A YouTube search found help in the element refit.  It also said (in the UK 2021) this was a common fault for cookers and the ‘normal’ charge to repair was usually around £120.  So the order was placed for both back and base elements.

Two days later we received the elements as promised. It took me 15 minutes to fit. Cost £30 for the element (direct from AEG/Electrolux). and £90 better off.

Yes there were tight screws holding the back panel on but that was it! The door was removed by operating just 2 easy to locate clips. The back panel hiding the fan and element was held on with 4 screws. Two more held the top of the element in place.

The element was eased out from the back. Its best to remove the wires one at a time and swapping it over to the corresponding contact on the new element. Then moved the second.  That ensured the wiring was the same.

The use of photos before I started is a really really good idea. Taken from several angles .  The fact that in this case I didn’t need them doesn’t matter as they can always be deleted after.

So there we have it. I saved myself some money and proved to the wife that I can be handy to know 🙂

I am not recommending in any way that others carry out this repair. A qualified electrician can be the best solution for you.


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