JEC Jaguar South West event Torre Abbey

Mk2 Jaguar 340 goes to its first Show. A JEC South West Event

The Mk2 Jaguar 340 goes to its first Show. A JEC South West Event.

Mk2 Jaguar 340 goes to its first Show a JEC South West Event.

JEC stands for the  Jaguar Enthusiastic Club.  This years event was held at Torre Abbey, Torquay. Whilst I have owned my Mk2 Jaguar 340 for nearly 15 years I have never taken her to any show before. It was only with a little arm twisting from one of the sponsors, Beechdown Garage, that we went to this one.

Nigel and Shirley own Beechdown Garage and have supplied us with many different Jaguars over the years. Mainly the XJ model but for my 60th birthday I went mad and bought a lovely example of the new aluminium(at that time some 6 years ago) bodied convertible XK. Whilst this car is my favourite modern Jaguar health issues saw it go back to Nigel after a couple of years.

My Mk2 Jaguar 340

So today I have a 2008 Jaguar XJ Sovereign petrol and my beloved Primrose Yellow Jaguar 340. The reason I went for a later (117 from the end of the production line)Mk 2 340 was the standard fitted power steering and the automatic gearbox. Both of benefit for my health condition.

Update 20/03/2021:  I no longer have my beloved XJ Sovereign 🙁  in its place I have bought my very first new car! Not bad for a 70 year old! It’s still a Jaguar (Can’t break the loyalty gene) and my first Electric car.  It’s an I Pace and its extremely fast.  More at another time but for now I will say I am very pleased with it (but not the hole in my savings ….) Back to the 340’s story….

It took a while to find her. When I did I wasn’t sure about the colour. I thought though that she would need a respray at some time. So the colour didn’t matter so much. When I went to pick her up there was no way I would change from Primrose Yellow. She really stands out and even with around 100 cars at the show, she was the only one.

The ‘E’ type Jaguar can be seen in Primrose but not so many Mk2’s.  She certainly had her fair share of ‘visitors’ all of whom remarked on the ‘lovely’ colour with some asking if it was a Jaguar colour? Well Ill leave you to make your own minds up. Enough of the chat have a look at a few pictures we took.  If you are interested in seeing all the cars that were at the event just follow this link.

If you want to know more Amazon have a book all about the Mk2.  I’m an affiliate of Amazon so (at no cost to you)may receive a small commission if you buy.

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