Web Hosting 5 star customer service from British company Squirrel

Web Hosting 5 star customer service from British company Squirrel.

Web Hosting 5 star customer service from British company Squirrel. So why am I writing about web hosting on an hobby based website? I lost a considerable amount of content from my websites due to extremely poor customer services by my previous hosts. I had been withJustHost for many, many years. After a spam and virus problem they wanted to charge me thousands, yes, thousands of $ to sort it out. Due to health problems and not knowing what to do, I let the situation drift. I wasn’t able to pay such fees, nor even if I was, I would not  have paid on. principal

Web Hosting 5 star customer service from British company Squirrel
My new British based hosting company, Squirrel are giving me 100% customer services. After 15 years, something I never believed existed. Well, it does. Squirrel, check them out.

After some 12 months or so I was prodded into sorting the situation out. Customer service with many hosts is always fraught with frustration, or that was my experience until recently.  Technical support was always given by people who may be the brainiest people, but so wrapped up in techno speak, no normal human being could understand them. If you are someone who is not a techno wizard and run a ‘normal’ web based blog, then I am sure you know what I mean. So after trying to recover as much information as possible I searched for a hosting company who’s Raison d’être was customer services. Thats when I came across Squirrel.

Now the present time see’s me with Squirrel.

Its not just the quirky name, or the Squirrel himself (or herself 🙂 ) that attracted me to this hosting company. It was their plain speaking answers to some critical (for me) questions as to how they would have dealt with my previous problems with JustHost.  It was so refreshing to speak and converse with ‘normal’ people who believe in customer service and plain speaking. I have yet to encounter a problem but life tells me they will come, its the way they are dealt with that matters to me.

My experiences so far lead me to believe that they will be handled both professionally and with sensibly language. Thats something I have never had before.

If you do want to know more please click on the link above. If you do join the Squirrel community I will gain some discounts on my hosting costs, but irrespective of that I would still be saying the same.  Websites do cost, they’re not free but believe me when I say that its only a few pounds per year! and much less than the costs.

Why not give them a visit and make up your own mind.


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2 thoughts on “Web Hosting 5 star customer service from British company Squirrel

  1. Hello Mike,

    I have taken a look at the Squirrel web hosting site and they seem to be plain speaking as you say. I am considering my options at the moment so thank you for pointing them out.



    1. Glad to Hear your interested. They are British company so thats a bonus. You’ll have to let me know if or when you join them and Ill make sure your experience, good or bad, will be published. Thanks for the interest


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