Competition for whats missing from pictures Mk2 Jaguar 340

Spot The Difference Picture Quiz

  • Can you spot and click on the ten differences between these two images?
  • Do you have a good eye?
  • See if you can tell the difference between It’s harder than you think!

Win a Handmade pen from my workshop – The first correct entry wins the pen

Do you think you have excellent vision? Then you have to put it to the test and take this quiz. I am giving away a handmade pen from my workshop to the first correct entry I receive from the form below.

Below you will see two images of my classic Mk2 Jaguar, all you have to do is study each image and spot the difference. Those of you who are good at memory games and can apply attention to detail should be able to complete this competition

Picture 1

Spot The Difference Picture Quiz


Picture 2

Spot The Difference Picture Quiz

Ok so now you have seen the images – please try your luck by filling in the form below.

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Should you enjoy this type of puzzle there are several more on the web you can visit. Here is one such site where the image is a street scene in London

Please, if you like the look of my classic MK2 Jaguar you can read more about this and my other Jaguar in this blog post here – Collecting And Maintaining A Classic MK2 Jaguar 340 I have  owned this car for over 10 years and its undergone a rolling programme of restoration.

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Spot The Difference Picture Quiz From Mikes- Models

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5 thoughts on “Spot The Difference Picture Quiz

  1. Cool picture quiz Bro.

    I am liking the improvements you are making to the site with WordPress. I only wish I could have entered the quiz as I think I could have done quite well!!!



    1. I don’t like WordPress! Its only my Brother’s help and insistence that I use it over my preferred method. On a positive note though I do get substantial support form someone called………????? oh yes, Airbrush man!

  2. It would have helped if the pictures were side by side as if you get to a certain age by the time you have scrolled down to the second picture you have forgotten what the first one was like. Get a different photoshop thingy as you can see where you have rubbed things out!!!! The quiz would have looked far better on a Fiat 500. Read my blog about Wygly,the real life Herbie

  3. Sorry Mike only recorded 7 things, wanted to record more but lost the section with the answers.
    Good fun though. xxxxxx

    1. How did you loose the section? You are the first to identify that as an issue. You can enter again if you wish and see if you still have the same issue?

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