world map visitors to visitors world map visitors world map, showing just where the visitors to my relaunched site live.  My brother Steve has been gently prodding me with all his search engine knowledge.  I just want to diary my exploits but Steve has shown (and in many cases, done the work) me the right way to manage the site.

Personally I’m not a lover of Word Press and that will cause Steve to go into a fit I’d expect! I find its structure too rigid and he seeks to convert me.  Well I have sort of seen the advantages of listening to him, and he certainly knows his stuff.  Today I thought I would see the sort of coverage by country I have been receiving. I must admit to being very surprised by just how blue the map is. Map I here you say? Have a look at the image below.



world map visitors to
Thank you for visiting. Its much appreciated

If you want to know more about all the sort of tips Steve has given then visit his website  .  In return I have prised his wallet open so he has bought his own shed and wood lathe.  This gives me great pleasure and it also gives him a bolt hole from his own SHMBO (she who must be obeyed).

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