mikes-models.com is back – well nearly.

mikes-models.com is back – well nearly. I have had a terrible few months with my Service provider and all I can say is I would not recommend Just Host.  I have had health issues over the last 12 months or so and admit I did not do as much to the sites as usual and it seems that I had Malware and spam attacks.  They told me it would cost thousands of dollars to put right and of course I refused to pay, so they shut me down!

I am now with a UK based service provider (as of today) and they have been wonderful (so far). I have had good support, with questions answered immediately, and more importantly in language a user can understand.  They are called Squirrel hosting  and I hope to have a long working relationship with them.  I have taken out additional security but am assured if I do have problems then it is just a case of deleting the file and restoring a backup. No request for thousands of dollars here!

The future

Please bear with me as I try and rebuild several years of postings……….it won’t have the detail of before but as always you can email me to ask for more information.

Once again, sorry for the disruption. I shall never again use JUSTHOST and will never recommend them!

email me at mikesmodels.freeman@gmail.com for more information

An early trial period of the project that consumes my time at the moment. An electrical powered Postman Pat type van for 2 of my Grandchildren. Much more to follow.

In the meantime have a look at some images below that show various stages of build. I hope you find them interesting. Contact me for more on any of the projects underway.


mikes-models.com is back - well nearly.
laying out the aluminium 1″ square tubing at an early stage

Some of the skills that needed to be mastered, including TIG welding of aluminium, building a furnace, using CAD/CAM, CNC conversion, amongst other tasks.

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2 thoughts on “mikes-models.com is back – well nearly..

  1. Hello Mike,
    Good to see you back on line and using some proper software at last. if I can help with your wordpress set up at all let me know.
    Kind Regards

    1. Thats very kind of you. I have been left scared by JUSTHOST shabby treatment but I will do my best to at least get the basis of my previous content sorted. Thanks for your support though.

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