An Electronics course for beginners

Electronics course for beginners

An Electronics course for beginners was something I  have wanted for a while. I have always had an interest in electronics and if I had to give up the heavier side of model engineering, I could still hide from ‘her in doors’ in the garage.

I ran a search on the internet and came up with a company called UDEMY. It acts as a broker really but supplies tools for the lecturer, whoever he or she may be. Anyone can put a course together and using UDEMY they can sell their course through UDEMY.

Each course is made up of various videos and lectures. Before you buy one though there are good indicators available to you if your interested. Firstly, I look at the number of students enrolled(relative to how new the course is) and then the rating in stars that real students have left. These ratings can be amended by students, even during a course, both up, or down. This means that the feedback is current. Finally I look at some of the videos you have access to view before buying. That way you can judge the presentation skills of the lecturer.

What to look for in a course

If there is more than 1 course available on the subject you are researching, I compare the feedback and video’s. We each have our own preferences to what we like in style.  So having a free view as it were, as to the style, is a nice touch. Once you have bought your first course then, if you are like me, I look for others of interest.

My first course was “Arduino Step by Step: Your complete guide” by Peter Dalmaris. In Peter’s case he adds lectures and videos as and when. He also is quick to answer queries and will even add a new video and lecture note on a subject raised with him he thinks others will benefit from it.

An Electronics course for beginners
The first course I am taking part in is excellent in both content and resources. If you want to know more then click on the link on the top right hand side of the website.

I recently invested in an Apple Mac Pro laptop and after many years with Microsoft, found myself quite lost (not unusual!) so I searched UDEMY, and sure enough, there were several courses available. Some of which dealt particularly with newcomers to the Apple system. I purchased  “Tutor for Mac OS X El Capitan” by Noteboom Productions”.  Needless to say I have now added to my courses and no doubt there will be others to follow.

Practical use of the course.

For me the greatest benefit of the UDEMY system is you can dip into any particular lecture/video in the course. For example if I wanted to use a particular component, say LCD displays, then I would go to that section and follow the video’s, backed up by the lecture notes that can easily be printed out.  In fact many courses do not get completed. This isn’t a negative though, since the information is flexible enough to allow a modular basis learning.

Oscilloscope used for my electronics course
Oscilloscope I bought to use for my electronics education, but you do not need one  with UDEMY Aduino course.

The Arduino course I am taking has a list of components and I source my from such UK companies as Maplins, RS components, Bitsbox,Hobbytronics and Farnell Element 14. My favourite suppliers for both cost and range are Hobbytronics Bitsbox and Farnell. The others can be a little more expensive but shopping around certainly can pay dividends.

Whilst on the subject of components it does seem wasteful at times when you want 1 or 2 items but you have to buy 50 or even 100. Its not the costs, they can still be in pence, but it does seem a waste.

So, have a go. Click the link Discover Udemy’s featured courses!

You will also help me with costs since if you purchase a course via the link I receive a very small commission. Don’t worry, I won’t get rich!


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