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Coming soon Sherline CNC, Masso control box and Probe installation

Coming soon Sherline CNC, Masso control box and Probe installation.
There has been considerable work done in the workshop recently. Just a taster of what’s to come so if its of interest email me and I will give you an update of the areas above.


Briefly, Sherline CNC will cover the ordering, delivery and familiarisation of their workshop package. Which comprises of  their CNC Lathe and Milling machine.  My experiences in getting it working to where I understand it!

Masso controller and how to integrates to both Sherline CNC Mill and Lathe.

Finally the purchase of a CNC Probe and getting it wired up then using it for real! To whet your appetite below is a short video of the probe in use. I would hate to have to pay my wages in just understanding how Masso and  Sherline work together.

Please email me if you need more information in advance of my articles under the three headings above.

Coming soon Sherline CNC, Masso control box and Slavtec probe installation.

However this article will deal with the Slavtec in particular. I will try to probe (sorry) the benefits and frustrations that I encountered during the probes installation.


The probe arrived quite quickly (from Poland to the UK) in a nice wooden box. On opening the box it  looked a quality item. An expensive item priced at around £160 (2021) but very competitive with other probes of this type.

At that time I was still trying to get my head around my new Sherline CNC milling machine and CNC lathe from America. Running under a new controller box from Masso.  And getting to grips with Fusion360 CAD/CAM and the new probe..  The perfect storm really and certainly keeping me busy! So if any of those subjects is of interest to you please feel free to email me.

To be continued………..

Update 07/09/2021 – Dealing with the  Disaster of a damaged PCB!

Since I have one RF25 milling machine converted to CNC some years ago.  The new CNC Mill and Lathe package from Sherline in America, being integrated into the workshop (and subsequent reorganisation required to accommodate it). A small Chinese CNC router in the wood workshop and various general laptops and mandatory iPad, I was bound to damage a PCB  sometime. And I have/did.

With a couple of small machining projects well underway (a centrifugal pump and a dynamo) to have a possibly damaged PCB stopped me working so it couldn’t have happened at a more inconvenient time!

Searching the internet for someone capable of  seeing if there was a fault and if so, repairing it I came across a local company GT Electronics who managed to diagnose and  repair the  board  in  less  than  24hrs. Allowing me to get back  to work.  Thanks  again  Glen.

To be continued…..

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