CNC Router Used to Produce a new Dashboard for Postman Pat Van

CNC Router Used to Produce a new Dashboard for Postman Pat Van

CNC router used to produce a new dashboard for Postman Pat Van  after the original received water damage. This rendered the previous electrical systems unusable.  The opportunity was taken to introduce some new refinements to the controls. For example, a better system for selecting forward or reverse was achieved by incorporating a different switch and wiring circuit. The problem was highlighted when the Postman Pat van was used for the first time by its ‘customer’.

The changes required different mountings, so the decision to make a new dash board was taken.  The accuracy of the CNC router has always impressed me, so the drawings were produced using exact measurements. The software used to produce the drawings was GeoMagic 3D CAD (previously Alibre).

Software to produce the CNC cut Dash Panels

Once the design was produced the drawings were exported to dxf files, then converted to GCode using CamBam software. The overall size of the router table meant a split dash had to be designed. This mean two boards. On the smaller one I decided to mount just the input for the 24v charger and the battery condition meter. This would make charging up the battery’s as easy as possible. The larger board was reshaped for the single  switch  allowing control over direction.

The previous version required two switches. One, operated the forward direction and reverse was selected by operating another switch and proved confusing.  One benefit of using the CAD router was the shape of some mounting holes, with parallel sides, could be accommodated neatly.

I am really pleased with the CNC router and have enhanced it by installing homing switches. This makes repeat work and setting out much simpler. Well it does for me it does:)

The router made updating the dash design a simple enough task and a video of it in action is shown below.

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