Centroid Acorn CNC conversion from Masso CNC

Centroid Acorn CNC conversion from Masso CNC.

And a special thanks to Tom, who was a great support. Thanks.

I suffered an expensive and almost catastrophic ,  system failure on my relatively new Sherline Mill and Lathe CNC package bought during the first lockdown in the UK.

I have to take sole responsibility for the damage suffered to the main control board running MASSO software. Whilst changing over fro the milling machine to the lathe I heard a great bang and spoke coming from the CNC box.

I briefly reported on the problem earlier in the year. 

However I am hoping this post has a better outcome even if my wallet took a big hit.  Karl, from Sherline based in the USA, put me in touch with Tom who had a set of CNC because he was taking a diffrent approach and installing a Centroid Acorn system.

Because the shipping and import taxes to the UK from the USA I asked Tom what he was replacing his with? That turned out to be the company Centroid and their Acorn board.  There is much to tell regarding the journey I undertook and additional expense,


However, thats to come. I’ve a lot of video and photos that need editing and running but email me if you have a specific question. My email is mikesmodels.freeman@gmail.com.

The sort of detail and helpful schematics customers get
There are many witing schematics available from Centroid.

The measurement is a true reflection of the accuracy available once you set it up rightTest run for a 20mm diameter pocket

Example of the program included called Intercon.
I love the Intercon Cad/Cam aid.

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