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3D Printing has Moved Forward in the Last 10 Year’s or Has It?

3D Printing has Moved Forward in the Last 10 Year's or Has It?
MDF body gave stiffness, Hot end and software gave nightmares in 2012

3D Printing has Moved Forward in the Last 10 Year’s or Has It?

10 Years ago the experimental nature, and varied 3d printer designs, were instrumental in my first exposure to crowd funding taking place!  Sumpod used this innovative funding method to introduce its first printer.  I amongst many others  bought one.

Background to my 3D printing experience.

Indeed I purchased a Sumpod printer through crowd funding. It was made from thick MDF and print area very small.  Getting it delivered was the first of many frustrations with the embryonic 3D printer ‘experiments’ Printers designed to print themselves.  Threaded rod screwed into printed joints and software which could only be treated as torture lay before those of us that were excited by this ‘new’ technology.

After many many hours I finally got my printer to work and even placed items onto Thingiverse . A brilliant concept still to this day.  Here you could share designs that others could print and you also had access to hundreds of other designs.

Trip Back In Time

Not many Sumpods made an easy path to full working order.  Many supply problems arose and it wasn’t an easy thing to get sorted. Software was a nightmare as I said but there developed a cadre of like minded people who helped each other out.

One such guru especially with software was a gentleman by the name of Airtripper  .  Checking back over time for this article, I am reminded that in 2015/16 I lost all my web site information (hundreds of pages) due to malware and an unhelpful hosting company. I shiver even as I write this  :(( so I was pleasantly surprised that Airtrippers site, documenting his Sumpod experiences, is still up.

More to follow soon….covering the purchase of my new ElEgoo Neptune 3D printer. Its build and my rating of this modern 3D printer.

3D Printing has Moved Forward in the Last 10 Year’s or Has It?



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