Hot End for 3D printer designed and machined with Sumpod 3D Printers

3D printer spool holder

3D printer spool holder was a design I made nearly 5 years ago when I first dipped my toe in the 3D printer world. At that time the only way to print were a few kits on the market. Many of them had a high price tag and complicated software to drive them.  Over that time, 3D printing is becoming more accessible and easy to use on the home front. Big names are coming into the market place including Dremel.

I still use my 3D printer and have many designs on different forums to share files. There is a lot of print items out there that you download then print.

3D printer spool holder
3D printed profile to hold tool holders on wall


Use of 3D printers one the home and industry

One of the uses I wanted to make of the Sumpod 3D printer was is making items I would use as patterns for casting in aluminium. In the event I do not use it as much as thought I would. As a vehicle to learn a new skill the Sumpod kit was a tremendous success.  It taught me a lot in regards to stepper motors. It introduced me to the Arduino which is an open source  electronic component that exposes you to both hardware and software.  The range of uses for the Arduino is huge and whilst the Sumpod uses it for 3D printing it is a industry now in its own right.

Being open source there are literally thousands of pre written and  free to use ‘scripts’ or programs. Some are complete and ready to go whilst others can form subroutines to whatever project you have on the go.  UDEMY have many courses which teach Arduino specifically.

Whilst ‘old hat’ now the video of my simple filament roller stand shows what early tasks were. 3D printing can become a focus on the method rater than the task.  It is not fast. Even the models that Dremel have to start owners off with take 2 or 3 hours to print a small model.  That hasn’t advanced very much since I built mine. Indeed I spent 6 hours printing out a lovely attachment to my lathe. It would have taken 10 minutes in wood or even 20 minutes in aluminium!

I dont regret for 1 minute building the Sumpod 3D printer but it is not the panacea for all things manufacturing. The industrial printers however are a massive benefit to industry for prototyping and checking the concepts it wishes to. That said, I wouldn’t be without it.



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